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  • [1] Xu GL, Bochtler M. "Reversal of nucleobase methylation by dioxygenases". Nat Chem Biol.  2020-11-16;16(11):1160-1169

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  • [3] Huang G, Liu L, Wang H, Gou M, Gong P, Tian C, Deng W, Yang J, Zhou TT, Xu GL, Liu L. "Tet1 Deficiency Leads to Premature Reproductive Aging by Reducing Spermatogonia Stem Cells and Germ Cell Differentiation". iScience.  2020-05-27;23(3):100908

  • [4] Rao VK, Swarnaseetha A, Tham GH, Lin WQ, Han BB, Benoukraf T, Xu GL, Ong CT. "Phosphorylation of Tet3 by cdk5 is critical for robust activation of BRN2 during neuronal differentiation".  Nucleic Acids Res.  2020-02-20;48(3):1225-1238

  • [5] Gong T, Gu X, Liu YT, Zhou Z, Zhang LL, Wen Y, Zhong WL, Xu GL, Zhou JQ. "Both combinatorial K4me0-K36me3 marks on sister histone H3s of a nucleosome are required for Dnmt3a-Dnmt3L mediated de novo DNA methylation". J Genet Genomics.  2020-02-20;47(2):105-114

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