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  • [1] Irwin R E, Scullion C, Thursby S J, Sun M, Thakur A, Hilman L, Callaghan B, Thompson P D, McKenna D J, Rothbart S B, Guo-Liang Xu & Walsh C P. "The UHRF1 protein is a key regulator of retrotransposable elements and innate immune response to viral RNA in human cells". Epigenetics.  2023-05-29;18(1):2216005

  • [2] Li Q, Lu J, Yin X, Chang Y, Wang C, Yan M, Feng L, Cheng Y, Gao Y, Xu B, Zhang Y, Wang Y, Cui G, Xu L, Sun Y, Zeng R, Li Y, Jing N, Guo-Liang Xu, Wu L, Tang F & Li J. "Base editing-mediated one-step inactivation of the Dnmt gene family reveals critical roles of DNA methylation during mouse gastrulation". Nat Commun.  2023-05-22;14(1):2922

  • [3] Chen H, Yang Q L, Xu J X, Deng X, Zhang Y J, Liu T, Rots M G, Guo-Liang Xu & Huang K Y. "Efficient methods for multiple types of precise gene-editing in Chlamydomonas". Plant J.  2023-04-28;115(3):846-865

  • [4] Chen G D, Fatima I, Xu Q, Rozhkova E, Fessing M Y, Mardaryev A N, Sharov A A, Guo-Liang Xu & Botchkarev V A. "DNA dioxygenases Tet2/3 regulate gene promoter accessibility and chromatin topology in lineage-specific loci to control epithelial differentiation". Sci Adv.  2023-01-13;9(2):eabo7605

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